Smart Vehicle Fleet Manager

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App to track vehicle over-speeding, fuel theft alert, accident alert, speed log, fuel log, maintenance log, fuel refill log and displayed it on a dashboard in form of tables, charts, and graphs.

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We are planning to make a system to manage entire fleet of an organisation, the system can enable vehicle tracking via GPS, detect over speeding, fuel levels, accident detection,emergency response, facilitate anti-theft of vehicle and fuel,travel history [24x7] ,record this entire data, store on Cloud and present the data on a dashboard for easy understanding.

It also reduces dependence and management of manual log books which are required to be maintained and it has many flaws which are exploited, which leads to massive loss of government resources. Using this system Fuel Theft can be stopped too. The system can also facilitate on-time vehicle maintenance. It can be installed on government/private bus,trucks,bikes,site-vehicles,etc. The details can be monitored from a control room or a simple desktop via a dashboard. So fetching information can be very easy and convenient.

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