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Multiple companies give out swag for Hacktoberfest, and this repo tries to list them all.

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Hello all, and happy Hacktoberfest! 👋 The Hacktoberfest Swag List is a Jekyll website that aims to connect contributors to great organizations during Hacktoberfest by highlighting companies that offer their own swag for the holiday.

Hacktoberfest brings an incredible amount of help to OSS projects and we hope to play our little part to make the holiday even better! Spam is never tolorated; we're just united by our love of swag and code ❤️

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Contributing to the Swag List is very, very easy and a Contributing guide is available here. If you can write in Markdown, then you can contribute to the Swag List!

Do you know of a unique swag opportinity for Hacktoberest? Please add it to the list so we can get the word out and send help to OSS projects in need!


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