A multi-utility bot for Telegram. Make your life easier and get music links to every platform, shorten URLs, etc without ever leaving telegram..

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This bot is hosted on Google cloud functions for better scalability and less maintenance.

The project is based on Python 3.6, make sure you have the correct python version by using python --version or python3 --version.

  • pip3 install virtualenv
  • Create a new virtual environment for the project. virtualenv -p python3 ./env
  • Activate the environment created in the last step. source ./env/bin/activate
  • Install the dependencies. pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Now, you can work and add your logic in the lambda_function.py. This is the main file which runs when we receive a telegram API webhook. After you are done, just create a zip and upload it to AWS Lambda.
  • Use the following command to deploy to google cloud function. gcloud functions deploy <FUNCTION_NAME> --runtime python38 --trigger-http --allow-unauthenticated --region asia-south1 --entry-point=lambda_handler

Connecting Telegram

  • Use Telegram's BotFather to create a new bot and add the corresponding bot token as environment variable named BOT_TOKEN.
  • After the cloud function deployment is done, we need to add a new webhook url to get updates. Copy the cloud function public URL and use the guide here to create a new webhook.

Currently seeking

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Contribution overview

Most contributors are in India

Ideal: Whatever you like

Mentorship & pairing available


No contribution is big or small, the beauty of open source is you can contribute in a lot of ways.

One thing to follow is first search through open issues, and if you don't find an existing one, create an issue and as soon you get a go ahead, start working on it after assigning it to yourself.

Following are some of the things for which issue creation/ pull requests are welcome

  • Found a small typo?
  • Found something missing from the Readme, or any build step is outdated.
  • Want to add a new functionality for the bot?

The above list is just an example and not a complete list for contributions, if you face any issue or just like to know more, say hello by sending an email to ayushgoyal.iitkgp@gmail.com


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