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Django Forms approach in processing of RESTful HTTP request payload (especially for content type like JSON or MessagePack) without HTML front-end.

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The main idea was to create a simple and declarative way to specify the format of expecting requests with the ability to validate them. Firstly I tried to use Django Forms to validate my API requests (I use pure Django in my APIs). I have encountered a problem with nesting my requests without a huge boilerplate. Also, the whole HTML thing was pretty useless in my RESTful APIs.

I wanted to:

  • define my requests as object (Form),
  • pass the request to my defined object (form = Form.create_from_request(request)),
  • validate my request form.is_valid(),
  • extract data form.clean_data property.

I wanted to keep:

So I have decided to create a simple Python package to cover all my expectations.

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