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Sending messages by hacking the DNS protocol. See website for demo server usage instructions

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The DNS protocol is conventionally used to ask for the IP address of a given website. Here it's used to send messages and retrieve other messages, instead of asking for a website IP address and retrieving its IP address.

This tool can be used to send messages by exploiting a flaw in the DNS protocol, but it could be used (as someone pointed out in the reddit thread) to exfiltrate data from a network. I'm not responsible for any misuse of the project. Also note that it's most likely that your ISP is logging your DNS queries, thus it's not a 100% anonymous.

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Get started by checking out the chatserver over DNS sample ; you can even try it out by sending your DNS requests to with the provided client script.

Check out the issues if you want to contribute to the project, and don't forget to have fun with it!


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